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location  Shaftesbury, Dorset, UK

Services      Translation, Editing


LANGUAGES  French and German

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I offer translation from French and German, copy-editing, and proofreading.  

Commissions include:


  1. editing for Oxford Scholarly Editions Online;jsessionid=1C304CC8B2A4929E779871D919AE0648

  2. copy-editing the Camden Series for the Royal Historical Society, Cambridge Journals

  3. copy-editing Liz Gloyn, The Ethics of the Family in Seneca, Cambridge University Press, 2017, for OOH

  4. LaTeX copy-editing for Sunrise Setting Ltd: Medical History, Cambridge Journals

  5. translation from French for Social History

  6. copy-editing RJ Littlewood, A Commentary on Silius Italicus' Punica 10, Oxford University Press, 2016

  7. copy-editing John Greening, Edmund Blunden’s Undertones of War, Oxford University Press, 2015

  8. copy-editing Robert Frost, The Making of the Polish-Lithuanian Union 1385–1569, Oxford University Press,  2014

  9. copy-editing Lilah Grace Canevaro, Hesiod’s Works and Days: How to teach Self-Sufficiency, Oxford University Press,  2014

  10. copy-editing Sally Harvey, Domesday: Book of Judgement, Oxford University Press,  2014

  11. copy-editing Martin Thomas, Fight or Flight: Britain, France and their Roads from Empire, Oxford University Press,  2014

  12. translation from German of the exhibition catalogue for Fundación Juan March and Germanisches Nationalmuseum, 2013: and

  13. translation from German for the World Trade Institute, 2013

  14. copy-editing Contemporary European History, Cambridge Journals (2013–2014)

  15. copy-editing Freyenhagen: Adorno’s Practical Philosophy: Living Less Wrongly, Cambridge University Press, 2013

  16. copy-editing Herodotus, ed. Rosaria Munson, for the series OXFORD READINGS IN CLASSICAL STUDIES, Oxford University Press, 2013

  17. copy-editing, proofreading and collating Willem Levelt: A History of Psycholinguistics Oxford University Press, 2012

  18. translating material for the European Project ‘Arts and Restructuring’, for the Cambridge Editorial Partnership Ltd for the Sorbonne Graduate Business School (IAE de Paris), July 2012

  19. copy-editing, proofreading and collating Marco Fantuzzi: Achilles in Love, Oxford University Press, June 2012

  20. copy-editing Can Bilsel’s Antiquity on Display: Regimes of the Authentic in Berlin’s Pergamon Museum, Oxford University Press, 2012

  21. copy-editing a BCM Guidance Tool for BSI Group, March 2012

  22. translating the website of a French PhD programme in Management Sciences, for the Cambridge Editorial Partnership Ltd for the Sorbonne Graduate Business School (IAE de Paris), 2011

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